The Pasta Mama’s label began in 1986 here in the Pacific Northwest and has grown over the years to serve small, locally owned retailers nationwide.  Today, the Pasta Mama’s brand and its legacy are thriving thanks to the next generation of pasta artisans passionate about fresh, delicious products, sourced locally from sustainable producers utilizing responsible farming practices.

We believe in staying true to traditional Italian principles by producing all of our pastas in small 50 pound batches, which are then long dried at far lower temperatures than mass-produced pastas resulting in an unrivaled product in flavor, color, nutritional content, and consistency.  All of our pastas are mixed slowly with all-natural ingredients including 100% non-GMO Durum Wheat Semolina from our no-till, direct seed farmers at Shepherd’s Grain, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

All of our dry sauces are mixed by hand to assure the most consistent combination of all-natural ingredients.  Our pestos are blended with a vegetable broth base, parmesan cheese and the perfect balance of herbs and spices.  The pestos are mixed to serve using the oil of your choice and pair wonderfully with an array of flavor-infused oils as well.  Our creamy sauces use a 100% non-GMO wheat pastry flour from Shepherd’s grain which is mixed with just the right amount of vegetables, herbs, and spices.  When preparing our creamy sauces we recommend mixing with organic half and half but you can also use a combination of organic milk and water for a lighter consistency.

At Pasta Mama’s we pride ourselves on handcrafted products made with the highest quality ingredients from our farms to your table.