18 Nov Weekly Update: Are you looking for a spicy meal with a K I C K of flavor?

14882269_1432548630092084_1609240607009009097_oAre you looking for a spicy meal with a K I C K of flavor? Rather than chopping up the peppers yourself and risking painful preparation, opt for a quick, easy, and healthy version of everyone’s favorite flavorful dish: Jalapeño Fettuccine! Shop now: www.pastamamas.com/shop.

captureVIDEO: Pasta Mama’s is down at Real Deals Home Decor tonight serving samples until 8:00pm! Come on down and do some Holiday shopping!

14884551_1432547106758903_5067112724836201472_oWhether you’re entertaining guests or cooking for a loved one, this I N D U L G E N T recipe is sure to impress: Mix together our Black Pepper Fettuccine & Italian Tomato Sauce. Then, add sautéed onions and your favorite protein — such as Italian sausage or ground beef. Garnish with a pinch of parsley for an elegant touch. Shop now: www.pastamamas.com/shop.

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