26 May Cabernet Merlot Fettuccine from Pasta Mama’s makes the perfect dish!

Are you a wine and a pasta lover?! Then you won’t want to miss the recipe of the week featuring Pasta Mama’s cabernet merlot fettuccine & a creamy gorgonzola sauce, topped with fresh shaved parmesan.

Cabernet Merlot Fettuccine from Pasta Mama's

Happy Friday! You’ve made it through another week. Reward yourself with a special adults-only pasta — infused with alcohol, of course! Indulge in this gourmet pasta and pair it with a delicious wine. Need the ingredients? Hit the SHOP button to start your search!

We love seeing Pasta Mama’s Gourmet Pastas & Sauces on store shelves. Thanks to Orondo Cider Works for this great photo!


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