06 Jan Weekly Update: Impress your Guests with Quick and Easy Recipes from Pasta Mama’s!

Impress your guests with Quick and Easy Recipes from Pasta Mama’s!Impress guests with quick and easy recipes from Pasta Mama'sWant to impress guests with a delicious and extravagant meal? Try this Beef Burgundy recipe: Combine browned stew meat with 2 cups of beef bouillon and 2 cups of red wine. Add sliced carrots, mushrooms and bacon bits. Prepare Pasta Mama’s Creamy Mushroom Sauce as instructed and stir in some of the wine and beef broth you prepared. Add Pasta Mama’s Mushroom Fettuccine to the pot for the final 3 minutes. Finally, enjoy! This recipe is perfect for the cold winter months.

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15874924_1518146068199006_6726291864363695858_o[January 4] It’s National Spaghetti Day! Use this as an excuse to cook a delicious pasta dinner tonight. Need some inspiration? Check out our website for recipes: www.pastamamas.com/recipes

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