19 May Pasta Mama’s uses an All Natural Whole Wheat Flour for all of our Pastas!

You may have noticed the healthy improvements to your favorite Pasta Mama’s pastas! Our pastas are now made with all natural whole wheat flour from Shepherds Grain.  The same great flavor as before with a healthier spin on things.

All natural whole wheat flour

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO of Veronica Foods and touring their facility in Oakland. A great experience learning more about the Flavor Infused Gourmet Olive Oils they produce for stores all around the US and Canada!

We love partnering with Veronica Foods Specialty Stores and providing High Quality, Gourmet Pastas and Sauces that compliment the AMAZING Olive Oils they produce!

Tonight, impress rumbling stomachs with a truly decadent meal… that takes under 10 minutes to make (shhh, we won’t tell!). If you’re short on time and want a delicious dinner, follow the recipe below. Shop for ingredients now: pastamamas.com/shop.

Join Pasta Mama herself in the kitchen, where you’ll learn how to make delicious chocolate pasta with chocolate sauce — served in a wine glass. YUM! It only takes 8 minutes to make:




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