01 Sep All of Pasta Mama’s Gourmet Pastas & Sauces are Non GMO Verified!

Pasta Mama’s is proud to be a NON GMO Verified Company!  All of Pasta Mama’s Gourmet Pastas & Sauces are made from all natural ingredients sourced from farmer’s in Oregon & Washington.

Non GMO Verified

We love seeing stores (like Joe’s Place Farms in the photo above) stocked up on Pasta Mama’s! Make sure you take advantage of our amazing WHOLESALE offer — still going on! Buy 10, get 2 free. Visit pastamamas.com/shop and create a customer profile to get your pastas and sauces today.

Did you know that GMOs have not been proven safe for human consumption and may have effects that we aren’t aware of? It’s always best to eat and support NON-GMO food. Pasta Mama’s is proud to be a NON-GMO company with all-natural ingredients.

Looking for a quick, easy and healthy pasta recipe?

✔️Pasta Mamas Parmesan Parsley Linguini
✔️Pasta Mamas Garlic Basil Pesto
✔️Olive Oil
✔️Fresh Garlic
✔️ Sautéed Broccoli

✔️ Sautéed Zucchini
✔️Diced Tomato
Voila, dinner in 10 minutes made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, no cholesterol, low in sodium and NON GMO verified! Shop now link in profile!

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