19 Mar Pasta Mama, Maronda Garzone, goes LIVE on Facebook for all her fans!

Pasta Mama, Maronda Garzone goes LIVE!

Our delicious hand-crafted pappardelle pasta is back by popular demand! Available in 5 of your favorite flavors: Spinach, Garlic-Basil, Parmesan-Parsley, Mushroom and Black Pepper
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And don’t forget, on WHOLESALE orders of $350+ get 5 FREE packages of Garlic-Basil Pappardelle to stock your shelves with ($30 value)!

Pasta Mama, Maronda Garzone

What’s better than an insanely delicious parmesan pasta recipe? One that you don’t have to clean up! Try out this timeless classic dish with our Parmesan-Parsley pappardelle pasta and let us know what you think!

We also LIVE-STREAMED on Facebook this past week! Maronda the Pasta Mama showed how to make a delicious gourmet meal in just under 15 minutes!

Pasta Mama, Maronda Garzone

The weather this week has been dreary across the board ?? Warm up with some delicious hot DESSERT PASTA! If you haven’t tried our handcrafted Chocolate Fettuccine or Gourmet Cocoa La-Mocha Sauce, now’s the time!

Visit our store at www.pastamamas.com/shop and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!! Stay warm out there everyone!


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