28 Oct Weekly Update: Did you know that black linguine gets its dark color from squid ink?


Do you want to impress your guests with a unique and T A S T Y dinner? Try this: Toss together Pasta Mama’s Black Linguine and Tomato-Pesto sauce. Add chopped sun-dried tomatoes crumbles of feta cheese for a pop of flavor. Did you know that black linguine gets its dark color from squid ink — which is full of iron and antioxidants? Perfect for adventurous foodies! Shop now at www.pastamamas.com/shop.

14633256_1412953852051562_8030084380305192136_oNothing says “Italian dinner” like a D E L I C I O U S Pesto Linguine. Unlike many recipes that require timely effort, Pasta Mama’s offers an alternative that saves you time without sacrificing flavor! Follow this recipe for a tasty treat! Shop now at www.pastamamas.com/shop

14700888_1422336011113346_5629591557559026011_oIt’s already mid-October. You better indulge in the deliciousness of P U M P K I N S P I C E while you still can! REMEMBER: All through October, we’re offering a FREE package of Fall Favorite Pumpkin Spice Fettuccine with every Pasta Mama’s order that is $30 or more. Shop now at www.pastamamas.com/shop. No discount code needed!


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