11 Nov Weekly Update: More Pumpkin Spice Deliciousness!

14882333_1432545400092407_7522676538736299166_oG R E A T news Pasta Lovers! We have E X T E N D E D our October special into November. You know what that means? MORE PUMPKIN SPICE DELICIOUSNESS! Spend $30 and receive a free package of our Fall Favorite Pumpkin Spice Fettuccine. Shop now: www.pastamamas.com/shop. No discount code needed.

14633175_1422336884446592_370622937479739863_oFor all of the sweet treat lovers out there, eating dinner is just a way to get to dessert… So, why not combine them together?! Rather than spending countless hours working in the kitchen preparing a dessert, create a quick and I N D U L G E N T meal full of carbs and sugar — while still remaining healthy. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Follow the recipe below! Shop now at www.pastamamas.com/shop.

capturepmThis week we are back in the Kitchen with our Pasta Mama’s Fans! Thank you Lara Currie for the awesome video of you and your family making your favorite Pasta Mama’s dish!
Want to earn dinner on us? All you have have to do is send us a video of you making you favorite Pasta Mama’s dish! You can go live and tag Pasta Mama’s, send us a video message or post your video directly to our page! Ready, Set, GO!

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