25 Oct Weekly Update: Spend $30 & Receive a Package of Fall Favorite Pumpkin Spice Fettuccine

14712469_1415120368501577_3941787344066134212_oThe best part of autumn is having the excuse to consume unlimited amounts of PUMPKIN SPICE-flavored goodies! Remember, throughout the month of October, we are offering a FREE package of Fall Favorite Pumpkin Spice Fettuccine with every Pasta Mama’s order that is $30 or more. Shop now at www.pastamamas.com/shop. No discount code needed!

14695544_1415121258501488_5830464569872331745_nSpice up your life with a truly decadent dish that’s great for guests — or just for you! Toss our Creamy Creole Sauce into our Cayenne Fettuccine. For an authentic New Orleans touch, top with grilled shrimp, crab, or scallops. Shop now at www.pastamamas.com/shop.

14691381_1415121738501440_1802117218309241360_oComfort food is always much more enjoyable when it takes less time to make! This weekend, try Pasta Mama’s Black Pepper Fettuccine with Creamy Mushroom Sauce for a delicious, healthy, and time-saving twist on typical mushroom pasta dishes! Shop this Recipe now at www.pastamamas.com/shop

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